Racism And Its Effects On Society Essay

Racism And Its Effects On Society Essay

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There are people who claim racism does not exist anymore. Unfortunately, racism has endured through time and if a solution is not given, the victims will suffer long term problems. Racism can be seen in so many scenarios in daily life. For example, at school, in politics and at jobs. When someone is racist at school, the victims of racism are the students. School is supposed to be a safe place where students learn to be a better and educated person, but sometimes it can be an unsafe environment to be. When someone is attacked by racist people at school, the victims can suffer serious consequences like being self-conscious, depression, anger, sadness and even death. Another example where racism has a great effect on its victims is at work. There are some people who have difficulties in finding a job and getting hired because of their ethnicity and culture. Racism has this negative impact on people that affects not others, but themselves. The interesting part about racism is who the victims are. Nowadays, anyone can be a victim of this belief. It is not only African Americans, nor Mexicans. It can be Asian people, white people, and a great diversity of ethnic groups. It is difficult to make racism stop, but something that can help with this situation is finding a way to help the people who are attacked by this. The best way to approach this problem is by helping victims raise their self-esteem and make them feel welcome to this world since they feel like outcasts when harmed by someone else. There can be two solutions to this problem and those are for Community Leaders to create support groups for people who are victimized by racism, because with the help of support groups and meetings, everyone can share their experiences and help...

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...l be fired. Racism will not be tolerated. This solution will not only bring peace to the working place, but it will have a great impact in every employee and their future, because they will not have to worry about racist and humiliating comments that can lower their self-esteem and stop them from growing professionally.

Nowadays racism is labeled as something nonexistent. Something that was left in the past. Sadly, there is still people who segregate others because of their skin color or ethnicity. The negative effects can finish people’s lives, which is why with the help of support groups and meetings about equality, people can realize how differences make people unique. The differences make this diverse world a better place. Also if companies start giving those meetings about racism with their employees the victims will not suffer as much as they did in the past.

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