Essay about Racism And Genocide : Racism

Essay about Racism And Genocide : Racism

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Racism and Genocide
Racism, where could I start? Racism according to the dictionaries is the belief that each race has characteristics or abilities specific of that race, distinctly as to differentiate it as inferior or superior to another race or races. In reality racism is so much deeper than that.
Racism can take form in practices, beliefs, social actions, or political systems that examines different races to be ranked higher or lower in status. Now do we include discrimination that is involuntary? For example making assumptions about preferments of abilities of others based on racial stereotypes, or to include institutionalized forms of discrimination.
In Sociology studies sociologist believe that discrimination will be around forever. By no means will racism suddenly disappear. As etymology( the study of the origin of words and the way they have changed throughout history) indicates the first use of the word of racism is relatively recent, showing up in the 1900’s specifically in the 1930’s. Formed on the term racism, a numerous number of words with the ending -ism have been made to described many forms of discrimination: sexism, ageism, ableism, ect.
In legal matters the United Nation does not describe ‘racism’ but they do describe “racial discrimination”. Their term of racial discrimination shall mean any distinction of race, color or descent.
Sociologist has described racism as a direct method of benefit. David Wellman has described racism as “culturally allowed beliefs, which despite the intentions involved”.
Racism dates back all the way to 1700 b.c. It started when the “Indo-Europens” attacked the great black civilization of Harappa and Mohejo-Daro, India. Sources say that they did not invade the civilization immediat...

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...readful. No matter what day, month or year it is we will still see this ugly behavior happening. Instead of falling apart, we should be rising up together, living the American dream we all hope and dream for by working on it as a team, living as proud Americans because we are the lucky ones.
The riots are telling it all, they are happening for a reason, not just because one day people just decided to spin out of control. These people feel they are treated unfair and get no justice. As true Americans we should be able to put the past aside and look to what’s ahead of us, build a bigger, better, stronger, equal Motherland. Where our future generations can look at each other as one big unit. Altogether we are one nation under God, we need liberty and justice for all, to complete that task and live in a new society Americans need to work together, not work against.

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