Racism And Gender Discrimination Motivated Essay

Racism And Gender Discrimination Motivated Essay

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Tiana’s experience in racism and gender discrimination motivated her to pay more effort to study in order to fight for the equality. Tiana is an African-American woman, who had often experienced racial and gender discrimination in past years. “Once I failed the math exam in my middle school, my white classmates laughed at me, saying that ‘you, African American, are stupid.’ They thought black people lacked sufficient intelligence to participate or compete on an equal basis in society with white Americans,” Tiana said. More than that, Tiana is a woman, a woman of color. She suffered double discrimination. She said: “Few people believed that women are capable of exercising equal political and social rights with men.” As a result, Tiana’s experience motivated her to explore the ways in which minority groups are formed in the U.S., figure out the social, economic, political and sexual realities of women of color, and understand how race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality intertwine and impact women of color. Thus, her cultural background influenced her to learn more about the race and gender in school and motivated her to devote herself to the feminism and racial equality.
The U.S. is still not a color blinded country; racism still exists. According to David Wellman, racism is “a system of advantage based on race” (Tatum 7). In another word, racism gives social advantages to some at the expense of others perceived to be inferior. For example, blacks have suffered from higher rates of unemployment than whites. Whites have more promotion opportunities, while racialized persons may find themselves subjected to excessive monitoring or may be more seriously blamed for a common mistake. In the educational system, racism is “prejudice plus p...

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...asic rights and obligations. Besides, our students need multicultural education, aiming to create “a caring society that affirms cultural diversity and emphasizes our common values of democracy, justice, equality, and freedom” (Ooka Peng 81). Everyone in the world is unique; he/she may have different a race, gender, social class, and religion. School education should require teachers to treat students as individuals whose identities are complex and unique, promote a respectful school climate on the basis of equality, acceptance, and tolerance, and encourage students to have a diversity of thought and diverse perspectives. By learning the relationship between education and cultural diversity, schools will prepare students for the multicultural society and to be a person who can response thoughtfully to diverse perspectives linked to identity in the American context.

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