Racism : African American Women Essay

Racism : African American Women Essay

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“I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” -Harriet Tubman. There are many African Americans today that are suffering from internalized racism. However they may be oblivious to the fact that they possess self hatred. Deep down inside they do not love who they are. Some African Americans can adopt a white supremacist mindset that can be a reason for their self hatred. Primarily African American women perform actions needed to minimize and invalidate the black features in which they were born with. They feel the need to alter their physical appearance to be accepted in society. They loathe the distinct physical characteristics of blacks such as hair texture or skin color. Others may refuse to associate with those of the same race, negatively stereotype their own or simply identify as white. Internalized racism amongst African Americans effects an individual both physically and mentally.
Internalized racism is caused due to a number of reasons. In some cases, African Americans can be raised in a predominately white community where they felt rejected as a result of their skin complexion. Or they could of been bullied because of their hair texture or their curl pattern. Also by African Americans viewing white receive a variety of privileges because of their skin color. A major problem that has carried over into today’s society is colorism. Young girls todays can be seen posting photos on social media with different hashtags such as #TeamLightSkin, #TeamDarkSkin or caption their photo “Melanin Poppin”. Both hashtags portray that one shade of skin is better than the other. For Melanin Poppin, Melanin is the pigment that helps determine the color of one’s skin. So the darker your s...

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...ten considered the prettiest and most popular have straight hair.” Not meeting these expectations means you are not as pretty or short hair meaning you look less feminine. An individual that Paistel interviewed mentioned that “Relaxed hair is just neater, and it keeps you away from all of the stereotypes that can come along with natural hair.”
African American women spend thousands of dollars monthly and even weekly for their weaves to be installed. For some getting weave is another expense just as much a bill that they have to begin a payment plan to keep their hair weaves hair maintenanced. It’s unfortunate that some women may not feel complete or attractive without their weaves. Clinical psychologist Anita Davis explains, “Long is better than short. Straight or slightly wavy is better than kinky. Something other than what God gave you is better than what you have.

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