Racism : A Great Man Once Said Essay

Racism : A Great Man Once Said Essay

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A great man once said "This nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds...on the principle that all men were created equal." and that great man was John F. Kennedy. What can be done to lessen racism in our school? Despite the progress that has been made since the Civil Rights movement, racism still exists today in Minot, North Dakota in this very school. Racism been here since the very beginning. Racism has no date of creation as a result of no one knows where it originated from. Most believe racisms is the aftermath of capitalism. That it grew out of early capitalism’s use of slaves for the plantations of the New World. It was combined in order to justify different cultures in the world and is still a huge issue today in the world. Today’s effects of racism are very potent. As pointed out in a PBS informative essay, “Age doesn’t matter, the general description of racial change is that it occurs through generations. Old racists die out, and new, younger, growing people take their place. This description is unreliable, age lets us know far less about someone 's probability of expressing racist statements than elements like education, origin and race.”
Here are some of the problems I see in school. First of all , my peers or anyone younger than I would say that they’re not racist, but turn around and laugh at a ‘funny’ racist joke. I heard them, you heard them.Telling a joke that involves a racial or ethnic group, there is a difference when people of that group feel that they can laugh with you as opposed to being laughed at by you. It can be full of hostility and be very demeaning to the receiving group. Would you repeat an offensive term to your mother, grandma, or etc… knowing full well it could undermine her value...

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...we 're the proud, the melting pot, land of opportunities, the home of the brave and we need to stand together or we will go down. “Racism is taught in our society, isn 't automatic. it 's learned behavior toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.” -Rosa Parks. discrimination lacks a date of creation as a result of the fact that nobody knows where it started from. Today 's effects of prejudice are exceptionally strong. So be considerate and try not to use racial slurs, jokes, or stereotypes. Since it can hurt everybody around you. Be caring, accepting, and open. So be prepared to teach future kids about the differences between cultures and just as accepting as you plan to be. My name is Alexis Victoria Bell and I’m 5/8 Native American, 1/4 Salvadoran, and 1/8 French & German and I ask What can we do to make racism a less defining quality in our school?

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