Racism : A Black Man Or Woman Commuting Robbery At A Store Essay

Racism : A Black Man Or Woman Commuting Robbery At A Store Essay

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We often see within the U.S this at times spoken, but most of the time unspoken fear towards the black community. A fear of a black man or woman commuting robbery at a store. A fear of black man dealing drugs or terrorizing society with his “gangster” ways. These assumptions are exercised, even in light of the countless individuals who have rose above these predisposed and unfair accused racial characteristics. In an age of social media and television it’s been almost impossible to not be bombarded with race and the abundance of terms which many news stations are throwing at you, most of which many common Americans are not privy too. In the end we know someone must suffer from all the fear, and hate that is circulating. The blacks in the U.S have experiences of suffering that has not only lasted way too long, but has made them time and time again the others within society. This marginalization has made them targets for discrimination, prejudices, xenophobia, racism, stereotypes and social death. But wait isn’t most of these terms like prejudices, racism and discrimination mean the same thing? No it’s actually not they are all interconnected and in order to help solve a problem you must first understand what you’re identifying how it works and then only than look for a strategy of a solution. That is my mission here to empower you with not only terms with examples within American society that will keep you knowledgeable and ready to help make a difference.
The othering of blacks within the U.S has stemmed itself far back into the days of slavery. Slavery itself requires one to think of the slave as other. It would be morally wrong to enslave one who you saw as your equal. In the establishment of slavery you had to view the slave...

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...ion. In other words, the dehumanizing structures and institutions in which these persons are placed or are societally located deny the endorsement of humanity that more mainstream groups take for granted”. This can be decoded to simply say that discrimination is a denial of resources both material, and cognitive. This leads to social death a form of dehumanization from every angle so horrendous that it denies the very rights others within the same society are allocated. These concepts are highly imperative concept. The magnitude and severity of the discrimination of blacks in the U.S in housing, education, and those entrapped within the cycles of mass incarceration has led to a social death for blacks within the U.S. This social death has essentially continued to magnify the gaps of inequality, and further defined the lines that separate blacks into another category.

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