Essay about The Racially Motivated Murder Of Michael Brown

Essay about The Racially Motivated Murder Of Michael Brown

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The Racially Motivated Murder of Michael Brown

Over the course of the past four months, there have been four cases of unarmed African American men being murdered at the hands of the police. And, as is to be expected with such a precedent laid out before this specific case, in these past four months none of the officers have been charged, and at most have been placed on administrative leave. With the case of Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager of only 18, who was shot six times, and two of those shots being in the head.

On August 9th, 2014, Michael Brown was shot six to seven times by a then unnamed officer. Michael Brown and a friend named Dorian Johnson were walking home when they were aggressively approached by said officer, who almost ran the pair over with his SUV. The officer then, according to both eye witnesses and the account of Michael Brown’s living friend, exited his vehicle threatening to shoot right before shooting and hitting Michael Brown. The pair fled, and the officer got out of his vehicle to pursue them, gun drawn, shooting at Michael Brown again. It is then said, according to multiple eyewitnesses once again, that Michael Brown got on his hands and knees with his hands up saying “don’t shoot.” It was then that the officer fired multiple shots, three of them being in the head. His body was left in the street for almost four hours. It was confirmed by the autopsy report that the injuries to Michael Brown could only have been sustained if he was on his knees, as he stood at 6’1 and the bullet wounds in his head would have to have been at a downward angle. (Saint Louis Health Department, 2014.)

Shortly after the shooting, on August 10th, the Ferguson Police department (which, it is impor...

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...014, and Officer Darren Wilson is still on administrative leave and the protests are still ongoing. Even after organized protest and community wide outrage, after eyewitnesses debunking the police department’s reports, the Grand Jury still has not decided to bring an indictment against Darren Wilson. (Climax.)

The event, so extremely recent, is nothing short of tragic and an outrage. It is a glaring example of the state of police forces in our nation and the need for their reform. It is now October 22nd, and the Grand Jury, as well as the Ferguson Police Department, are showing no signs of acknowledging the damage they’ve caused to a community, a nation, and are still refusing to punish an officer, even under the scrutiny of community, an entire nation, these events are proceeding just the same as their predecessors, and perhaps they always will. (Climax/Anaphora.)

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