Racial Socialization And Reactive Emotional Coping Essay

Racial Socialization And Reactive Emotional Coping Essay

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There were no significant mean age differences found for any of the scores from the racial socialization and reactive emotional coping scales, suggesting that the predictive influence of the race and emotional variables studied here were similar for the sample of African American adolescent males, irrespective of their ages (Thomas et al, 2009). Second, perceived discrimination may represent a barrier that impedes expectations for educational success among African American youth (Brittian & Gray, 2014). For example, in a cross-sectional study of African American male high school students, Irving and Hudley (2005) observed that cultural mistrust beliefs that White teachers expect African American students to fail) was negatively related to educational value and educational expectations (Brittian & Gray, 2014). Individual counseling and small-group counseling represent effective media for promoting healthy prosocial behaviors among urban, African American male adolescents. Such counseling approaches facilitate socioemotional well-being, self-management, empowerment, and academic achievement for youngsters at risk of engaging in maladaptive behaviors (Day-Vines & Day-Hairston, 2005). The results of this study indicate some similarities to past research (Cothran & Ennis, 2000: Cothran et al., 2003; Wentzel, 1997) in which students identified the following caring teacher behaviors: willingness to help with homework, showing respect, treating students fairly, and helping students with personal problems (Garrett et al, 2009). Research shows that in 1973, almost twenty years after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, schools continue to be completely Segregated.( Garland, 2012)(Batts,2012). Their initial concern is that their ch...

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... 4.99 13:00-35:00
Cultural Legacy 142 13.17 2.96 6:00-18:00
Behavioral Over activity 143 6.60 6.32 0:00-29:00

Table 2. Differences in perceptions of caring teacher behaviors based on race
Black or African American students White or Caucasian students
Category Present Category Present____________________
Academic 71.43% Interpersonal 50%
Fairness 28.57% Academic 33.34%
Interpersonal 0% Fairness 16.67%

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