Racial Segregation And The Criminal Justice System Essays

Racial Segregation And The Criminal Justice System Essays

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The website is very easy to use with tabs across the top with options such as Know Your Rights, Defending Your Rights, Blog, and others. Below in the Racial Justice section is a paragraph labeled “What’s at Stake” It talks mostly about how students of color are racially isolated and how the criminal justice system disproportionally targets them. To the right of that is a “What You Need to Know” box with a few statistics laid out about racial issues. There are also blogs, videos, court cases, and press releases you can view on the subject of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. There is also a link to view a collection called Mapping the FBI. That link shows how the FBI is collecting information and “mapping” American communities around the country based on crude stereotypes about which groups commit different types of crimes. There you can view over 4,800 documents regarding the “mapping” Back on the front page there is a section of featured stories and an advertisement for the Black Lives Matter Movement. I feel like there is information that could be used for resea...

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