Racial Profiling is Wrong

Racial Profiling is Wrong

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Racism, thought to be a thing of the past is not as long gone as people imagine. Racism is as much a problem today as it was in the past. However, racism has taken on a new more politically correct name, social or racial profiling. No matter how one might sugar coat the name underneath it all it is still racism. Racism is a topic that affects everyone all around the world. People start to believe that one is the exact same as another individual with the same skin color or background. Why does my skin color or my religion change a person’s outlook on who I really am?
Growing up with different skin color has never really affected me, but then the tragic events of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center’s unfolded. Since 9/11, life has changed completely. Once it was made aware that the terrorist were from Middle Eastern decent people did not bother asking where geographically or inquiring about any further details, they immediately started placing everyone with the same skin tone with being of Middle Eastern descent. Even though I am of Indian descent it did not matter the only thing that did matter was that I looked like ‘one of them.’ The wrong actions of few should not sway people’s opinions of individuals who resemble them, which is the definition of racial profiling. I am different from the people convicted of the attacks as one can be. I am of a different religion, speak a different native language, originate from a different part of continent, and believe in completely different things. However, I was still judged by my appearance rather than my heart and soul. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I feel sorry for the poor individuals who cannot see past the color of my skin. I feel saddened that they will never be able to understand the real me or get acquainted with me as a person.
My situation was mild compared to that of other, I was judged on the color of my skin alone. What about the people, who are from the same region, speak the same language, and follow the same religion, are they too just like their misguided counterparts?

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Absolutely not, the actions of these few ill-advised men are their actions and they alone are responsible for them. I was personally judged on my skin color, to be judged on such things as religion and language must be horrific experience for anyone to go through. To think that someone from the start has a certain opinion of you is a tragic experience that no one should have to face.
Our world has come too far for people to undercut one another on a regular basis. We must all learn to accept one another no matter our differences. We must all realize that everyman is his own person, which brings me to a quote from the movie Guess Who “Everyman gets to choose his own destiny, no matter what his father did.” I take this saying to mean that no matter how much you resemble another individual you are in control of your life and you are your own person. It is not the job of the individual to try and be accepted however it is the job of society to accept that person despite their differences.
Racial profiling for as long as it exists will be a major problem in our society. Once a group of people is classified under a certain category it is extremely hard for them to come out of it, no matter how untrue it might me. As the generalization about a group becomes more and more wide spread people keep spreading the stereotype farther and farther not knowing any better. Social profiling keeps people in denial about the skills and capabilities of other people. It hinders people from understanding other human beings and realizing the capabilities an individual possesses. Mother Teresa said it best “If you judge people you have no time to love them."
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