Racial Profiling Is Wrong? Essay

Racial Profiling Is Wrong? Essay

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Racial profiling is the use of race as grounds for suspecting someone of committing an offense. Profiling is used by law enforcement in different ways, such as pulling people over on the highway, finding undocumented immigrants and questioning at police stops. Racial profiling is wrong because it prevents police from serving the entire community, is an ineffective way of determining if someone has violated the law, and it is unconstitutional.
Actually, racial profiling is unacceptable due to that it causes police to focus on one group of people and not protect the whole community. Many officers overlook the white community and focus on the colored population. Racial profiling is also used in the war on drugs. Racial disparity in marijuana arrest shows that colored people are arrested more than whites. The New York Times stated that even though blacks and whites used the drugs at similar rates, blacks were four times as likely to be arrested than whites. In some states, including Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois blacks were eight times as likely to be arrested. The law enforcement should look at everyone equally and not pay extra attention to one race. It does not provide full protection for the whole population. It is the job of a policeman to protect and serve the community. Paying attention to only one group fulfill the need of the community.
In fact, racial profiling has been proved to be an ineffective way of determining who has violated the law. There have been plenty of times when profiling has wrong and did not help law enforcement. For example, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana there was a 37 year old man named Alton Sterling selling CDs outside of a gas station. A 911 call was made, and when the officers arrived they confronted St...

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... car and that fear takes away from their life. For example, on February 6, 2012 in Sanford, Florida, Trayvon Martin was shot walking home by a local neighborhood watchmen. His killer, George Zimmerman, called the police and told them there was a “suspicious guy” walking (CNN). The only items Martin had was skittles and a iced tea so Zimmerman made a mistake as to suspect Martin as a threat. Zimmerman was only threatened by the color of Martin’s skin. It is unconstitutional of the police to racially profile people!
Overall, racial profiling is wrong due to it restrains law enforcement from protecting the entire community, it is unlawful, and an unproductive way of finding people that have committed offenses. Using race as a way of determining violators has been proven that it is ineffective. Blacks should have equal protection and have equal treatment that whites do!

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