Essay on Racial Profiling Conflicts Of Police Brutality

Essay on Racial Profiling Conflicts Of Police Brutality

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Racial profiling conflicts of police brutality for African Americans are highly diverse group and a part of this diversity is race and ethnicity. African American is reflective of the continued social discrimination experienced throughout their lives. The nation is trending with police brutality and changes have to occur with the treatment of African American males. Stereotype is a special type of social knowledge structure or social belief. They represent socially shared beliefs about characteristics and behaviors of a particular social group. These beliefs affect how we interpret new information. We use them to help us process information when we engaged in social interactions. We use our stereotypes to size up people when we first meet them. It helps us to understand why they behave the way they do and guides us in our behavior toward other people. Stereotypes are not inherently negative in their effect. They are applied in ways that underestimate the potential of the person we are observing.
Blacks, for example, are more likely to be the victims of police brutality. A growing body of scholarly research related to police brutality has revealed that “Blacks are more likely than Whites to make complaints regarding police brutality.” (Chaney & Robertson, 2013, p. 504) to be accosted while operating a motorized vehicle and to underreport how often they are stopped due to higher social desirability factors. Blacks are viewed as deserving of harsh treatment in the criminal justice system. It seems lately as a depressing common passing of another African American man killed in a troubled world. Too many black men are being killed by the hands of law enforcement officers. Individuals in is what matters, not the event itself or what to...

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...t city, the neighbors are alarm and notify the police. And vice versa when an Caucasian is in an all-black neighborhood. Martin was not at the wrong place at the wrong time just a resident did not know all the facts and took the law in his hands and took a young boy’s life. According to the Justice Department (2003), “racial profiling is one of the worse forms of stereotyping. This only runs a narrow, specific black and Muslims males. Do they stick out like a sore thumb? In my opinion, racial profiling continues to be a prevalent and egregious form of discrimination in the United States. Sometime justice is slow and blind but it prevails. This unjustifiable practice remains a stain on American democracy and an affront to the promise of racial equality. Racism might also affect the racial profiling they experience. The experience of how racial profiling is perceives.

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