Racial Profiling And Youth Of Color Essay

Racial Profiling And Youth Of Color Essay

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Racial Profiling of Youth of Color

For those who haven’t experience racial profiling, or know someone that has been a victim of it, it may seem nothing more than annoying noise in their ears. Profiling has consequences, which results in emotional, physiological, and physical damage. The ones that are the most at risk are the youth of color. Racial profiling result is harmful because it creates mistrust in law enforcement, hostile environment for people of color, and social tension in communities.
As any other social issue, racial profiling has its own history dating back to the 1700s. During those time periods most African American were slaves and the ones that were free needed papers to prove their freedom. In South Carolina law patrols chased down African American, and racially profiled them based on their color. Many of the free African American were abused, interrogated and harassed by law enforcement. After the Civil War, Jim Crow laws separated blacks and whites in public places and these laws stayed in place until the changes of the civil right movement in the 1960s were pushed through. Today, after 55 years African Americans still face racial profiling even though the laws have changed. Attitudes within many segments of the white population have not changed drastically.
The social cost of racial profiling largely results in mistrust of law enforcement by African American youth and adults. Faith in Criminal Justice institutions and Law Enforcement becomes compromised by the many documented incidents of racial profiling of young black men. Violence by law enforcement towards youth of color plants the seed of anger and hatred as Carol Silverman states in his research “The Consequences of Structural racism, Concentrated P...

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...people for suspicion of crime based on race, ethnicity and color. Creating a profile based on racial profiling of people who commit certain types of crime may lead to law enforcement to generalize a group of people and act upon that generalization.
It is legal to racially profile an individual based on color or ethnicity if it serve the public. One can’t take action upon racial profiling, but yet actions that cause death of youth of color are taken. Justice of these actions is not existed and tension build on anger and hatred is born. People of color have to live in fear for their lives and their children’s lives constantly. What kind of lives is this? To feel powerless and unable to get justice for crime committed toward you. To live in fear that can only pushes you to hatred. Children’s live matter. They are they key to better future but not when they are dead.

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