Racial Profiling And The United States Criminal Justice System Essay

Racial Profiling And The United States Criminal Justice System Essay

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In 2015, the headlines of most newspapers and magazines have been about civil rights controversies and concerns. A prominent organization affiliated with these civil rights issues is Black Lives Matter. Also known as BLM, Black Lives Matter was founded in the summer of 2013 and stimulated by the shooting of a black suspect, Trayvon Martin, by a white neighborhood watch, George Zimmerman. BLM uses social media to campaign against violence toward African-Americans. Protests are frequently arranged around inequality, racial profiling, and the killings of black people by law enforcement by the United States criminal justice system. This movement is inspired by the African-American civil rights movement which was created to end racial segregation and discrimination against African-Americans. Without doing any research, it is simple to accept this organization because of the obvious stated by its name. Black lives do matter, but it is BLM’s true goals that makes it a hateful and racist organization. Black Lives Matter at its heart, desires to wound the white population and should not be supported. The time has come to discontinue BLM, but that will only occur when people comprehend what it is actually trying to do to society.
After thorough research, it is clear that Black Lives Matter holds an uncanny resemblance to the Black Panther Party. According to the FBI, The Black Panther Party was an African-American group that used violence to attempt to overthrow American authority. Now, the New Black Panther Party has formed, and is more frantic than ever. A New Black Panther Party leader, General T.A.C.O, stated, “Once [white people] die, we should dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, bury ‘em, dig ‘em up, and kill ‘em again, and again, and ag...

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... look away from the fact that BLM is working against the white population. This can be proven by the joy of some African-Americans when a white person gets killed by law enforcement because they consider that to be vengeance. It seems that this group wants cops to kill more whites suspected of criminal activity, and stop black killings completely.
Ultimately, Black Lives Matter is a hate group that should not be supported. To this organization and its enthusiasts, black lives only matter when white law enforcement is involved. BLM’s goal is to hurt the white population which visible by its similarities to a racist and dangerous hate group, the Black Panthers and its ignorance to more important problems in the black community, like black-on-black murders. The United States cannot allow this nation to be in danger because of a hate group, it needs to be discontinued.

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