Racial Profiling And The Civil Rights Crisis Essay

Racial Profiling And The Civil Rights Crisis Essay

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Racial profiling consists of innocent, those chosen because of their skin color and guilty citizens that are being unjustly targeted by law enforcement because of their race and /or ethnicity. Mainly Blacks, Hispanics, and people of color within the minority communities are targeted for such harassment by law enforcement. However, race is the key factor for racial profiling by police, which is unfair on so many levels that people of color are processed differently than white youths within the system. Racial bias, disparity, and racial profiling are considered as a violation of citizens’ rights, that started long before it was actually recognized as a violation, and taking place within the Juvenile Justice and Criminal System. Due to the treatment of minorities within the criminal justice system it is considered as a civil rights crisis in America, which has changed the progress that was implemented to create equal treatment under the law, and it places doubt on our national faith in the rule of law because the law seems to only apply to a few, which does not include minorities. Racial profiling is about racism, and stereotypes, it is deeply rooted within some white people, and going as far back as slavery with the Indians and blacks. There have been different types of reforms to try to control it, especially within the Juvenile and Criminal Justice System, according to Johnson (2007), in 1992, Congress required states that were receiving federal juvenile justice funds to reduce racial disparities in the confinement rates of minority juveniles. This provision is known as” Disproportionate Minority Contact” standards (DMC), and it requires that there has to be a reduction in racial disparities regardless of whether it was motiv...

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...venile detentions and eliminate disparity, and racial bias. Although, some may carry it deep, others are just following what appears to be their right as law enforcement. Our children are not the enemy, and with better guidance by parents, society, and law enforcement they do not have to be juvenile delinquents, but a productive member of society. This country was built on freedom, and the many civil rights that we have acquired throughout the years as people of color, and no one regardless of skin color has the right to dictate to us as a people that we are second class citizens that have no rights. It appears to be personal for me because I am African American, and yes it does hit a spot that I rarely visit because to me people are people, and God did not create us in hate but in love. I love all people, but it hurts knowing that there is so much hate in the world.

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