Essay on Racial Profiling And The Black Community

Essay on Racial Profiling And The Black Community

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Racism, discrimination, prejudice, and hatred are the things that stain law enforcement around the world. Blacks who are stopped by police fear that justice is never on their side. Racial profiling puts a dent in the trust between young black males and the police. Racial profiling is when an individual or group is treated a certain way because of the skin color. Researchers agree on the causes and perimeters, of racial profiling, there is no solution methods widely accepted. Young black men have been victimized for years because of their race and suspensions. Racial profiling is detrimental to the black community. Racial profiling by police makes it difficult for black drivers because of the bias that comes from being stopped by a white police officer. There is no immediate answer as to why blacks are targeted by police.
Although the fourth amendment gives police the right to search, officers know legal loopholes that permit police to utilize traffic stops for investigation. Arizona permits racial profiling through a house bill, SB 1070, where skin color is used to determine citizenship and officers can ask for identification (as cited by Bell, Hopson, Craig, & Robinson, 2014, p.34). Studies have conducted personal interviews that prove that black men fear when stopped by police, and will they be able to drive away. According to Messenger, (2015) in Missouri 75% of blacks were pulled over because of their skin color (p.1). There have been numerous accounts of racial profiling, and nothing has been done about it. According to (Allen, 2011, Hopson, 2011 et al., 2005: Satzewich & Shaffir, 2009), emphasizes that “the following, stopping, detaining, and even harassment of blacks or African Americans based on their racial identity…, ...

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...immediate solution to the problem.
The United States can only wonder or try to put an end to racial profiling. Prejudice, discrimination, and hatred are learned so there is not a sure way to fix this issue. One can always try to advocate bringing justice for all, but to change one’s feelings about a situation is up to the individual. Evidence has concluded that racial profiling is an issue that cannot be overlooked. It will take education and training for law enforcement to reconstruct their thought process about people of different races. One way that could help states, is to bring in social workers and psychologists to work with officers to prevent racial profiling in the years to come.
Bell, G.C., Hopson, M.C., Craig, R., & Robinson N.W., Exploring black and white accounts of 21st –century racial profiling: Riding and driving while black, Qualitative R

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