Racial Profiling and Racial Discrimination Should be Illegal Essay

Racial Profiling and Racial Discrimination Should be Illegal Essay

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Picture this… your name is Deshawn Price. You are currently a business student at the University of Michigan. One day, a driver informs the police that you were jaywalking. The accusation is accurate and the police sojourn you for questioning. Despite responding to all of the officer’s questions politely, they begin to search you without your consent. In your backpack is a gram of marijuana that you were planning to bring to a party later that night. This detail makes you very nervous and you continue to decline the officer’s wish to search you. Regardless of your request for privacy, the officer searches you and discovers the marijuana. Consequently, you are written up for a minor possession and due for a court appearance in a month. Would this have taken place if you were white? According to a 2009 poll by ABC News, 74% of African Americans polled have experienced racial discrimination. On the other hand, only 30% of whites have experienced racial discrimination (ABC).
Empirical evidence confirms the existence of racial profiling on American roadways. At the national level, the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in 2005, “police actions taken during a traffic stop were not uniform across racial and ethnic categories. Black drivers (4.5%) were twice as likely as White drivers (2.1%) to be arrested during a traffic stop, while Hispanic drivers (65%) were more likely than White (56.2%) or Black (55.8%) drivers to receive a ticket. In addition, Whites (9.7%) were more likely than Hispanics (5.9%) to receive a written warning, while Whites (18.6%) were more likely than Blacks (13.7%) to be verbally warned by police.” Obviously, racial profiling exists. Ironically, “the U.S. Supreme Court has held tha...

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