Essay about Racial Profiling And Law Enforcement

Essay about Racial Profiling And Law Enforcement

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Jennifer Cisneros Cardenas
Expo. per 2
13 May 2016
Racial Profiling
Racial profiling has been a big issue in The United States for thousands of years. It is an idea or concept that targets minorities based off of their skin color or appearance. It is used in various ways, 2 major ways being: medicine and law enforcement. Our criminal justice system racially profiles, it is corrupt and racist.
Occasionally racial profiling is denied by police authorities. In an article in The Los Angeles Times titled, “California’s racial profiling law is ‘terrible’ legislation, police officials say” there is a quote from the president of the Long Beach police of officers, Lt. Steve James that claims; “There is no racial profiling. There just isn’t. There is criminal profiling that exists.” Some believe there is no way of proving racial profiling was the cause for questioning someone, unless the officer admits to it. In an article from The Washington Post Reddit Hudson, a former cop talks about his experiences of racial profiling through a cops point of view. He accompanied an officer on a call to a home, a teenage boy answered the door and was instantly accused of giving shelter to a robbery suspect. When the boy denied letting the officer in, he was yanked, punched and slammed. When Hudson arrived at the department and complained to the sergeant he was told to get back to work. Racial profile can’t be denied, it is a problem that needs to be resolved.
On the other hand Manhattan Institute wrote an article titled; “What looks like racial profiling might just be good policing.” It is believed that an officer 's decision to ask someone to step out of a vehicle ...

... middle of paper ...

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our weak laws against it.” The Washington Post 15 Dec. 2014

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