Racial Profiling : A Controversial And Illegal Discriminatory Practice Essay

Racial Profiling : A Controversial And Illegal Discriminatory Practice Essay

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Can you imagine being stopped by the police on your way to an everyday activity, soon to find out that it was all because of the color of your skin? This is called racial profiling, defined as: “a controversial and illegal discriminatory practice in which individuals are targeted for suspicion of crimes based on their ethnicity,race,or religion rather than on evidence-based suspicious behavior”(Racial Profiling).This is a growing problem that can happen to anyone at anytime due to lingering racism and ignorance that still exists today. Racial profiling isn’t fair to anyone. People should be judged on the kind of person they are rather than how they look. Some say that racial profiling is a problem that only African American can relate to ,but this just simply is not true. Racial profiling can affect anyone, including Muslims, Arabs, Native Americans, and even Caucasians. Racial profiling is a problem that could be solved if everyone, including airport security officials, law enforcement officers, and regular people, could judge others based on their personality rather than how they look.
Some people might consider racial profiling as simply just an extra precaution used in keeping people safe. A police officer using someones race as a way to track down a criminal would be an example of this.The only instance in which it’s ok to consider someones race as a factor in a crime is if that person is reported by another ,and the police have to use their physical appearance to track them down. Real racial profiling is when a law enforcement official suspects someone they’ve never seen before of a crime just because of the way they look. Not only is this morally wrong and illegal, but the police might actually be letting real criminals ge...

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...d emotional problems. People might even change their everyday activities and schedule just to somehow avoid being a victim of racial profiling once again. After time and time again of someone being told they 're not good enough because of something they really can’t change, they might just start to believe it. This can lead to anything from self-esteem problems to possibly even suicide all due to one thoughtless, ignorant comment from just one individual.
Racial Profiling is a problem that should be stopped as soon as possible. People of authority and everyday citizens are both a common contributor which means they can both work to stop doing it. Not only is it unfair and morally wrong to make assumptions about people because of only their race but it also leads to physical and emotional damage that can follow people all throughout the rest of their lives.

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