Racial Prejudice By Charles Mill And The Racial Contract Essay example

Racial Prejudice By Charles Mill And The Racial Contract Essay example

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The Golden rule is embedded in us from childhood, whether from a teacher or parent, we’ve probably all been told, “treat others like you want to be treated.” A person 's character can be measured by mere observation. This may seem ironic to those who have a basic knowledge of American history seeing how throughout American history we have continuously failed to “treat others like we would like to be treated”, instead we created a world where there is a clear social barrier between whites and non- whites. Charles Mill and the Racial Contract evaluates the deep roots where a racial caste system was first developed, as well as how it continued through history and still remains today. Throughout this essay the reader will gain a deeper understanding of how our world was built around a racial caste system, how it continues, and what actions must occur in order for humanity to flourish.
Charles Mill breaks the racial contract into three different categories, political, moral, and epistemological. These categories help Mill analyze his theory, which explains how society was crucially transformed, how the individuals in that society were reconstructed, how the state was established, and how a particular code and certain moral psychology were brought into existence (Mill, 12). The politically aspect of the contract was meant to establish society and government, transforming natural inhabitants of the state into social creatures, ultimately reconstructing denizens into citizens. Tracing back to the early Roman times, early enlightenment meant those who were European were human, and those of other decent were not, deeming whites “lords of human kind”. As we progressed as species we began seeing great change, in multiple categories, educatio...

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...o live in a lie, simply because it was the easy way out, instead of correcting our ancestors ' past we chose to continue on their same path. By not correcting the past only means it is eventually going to repeat itself, personally I believe the human species has created a deep dark hole which will take great efforts to get out of. With that being said, I do believe there is always a possibility to correct our mistakes to the best of our ability, and as Mill touches upon, acknowledgement may be the biggest factor, mill states, “by pretending not see them, who claim not to recognize the picture I have sketched, are only continuing the epistemology of ignorance required by the original Racial Contract” (Mill, 133). In order to begin to change, our leaders of the world and law -makers must acknowledge the ugly truth and begin to not restore but to recreate humanity.

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