Essay about Racial Prejudice And Racial Segregation

Essay about Racial Prejudice And Racial Segregation

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Ever since the end of racial segregation, Americans have struggled with equality and have been caught between racial tensions and incidences that portray racial prejudice in the existing society. Sociologists and physiologist Anthony Greenwald with two of his other colleagues designed the Implicit Association Test (IAT) that evaluates the autonomic associations individuals have based on their reactions towards certain topics such as race. I recently took the test and the results were absolutely not surprising to me. According to the results of the IAT the following percentages depict the percentage of test takers’ autonomic preferences to either black or white: 48% have a strong autonomic preference to whites, 13 % moderate to white, 12 % slight preference to whites, 12% little or no preference to whites, 6 % slight preference to black, 4 % moderate preference to black and 6 % Strong automatic preference for Black people. The test portrayed me as having no automatic preference between white or black; which is true based on my experiences. As I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, my association towards whites was that of wealth because the only white people who would come to Kenya were the wealthy tourists. However, as I ventured out to the outside world, I was soon met with reality - both white and black are the same. I saw white men begging on the streets, selling food in the market and also doing odd jobs unlike the mentality that I had while living in Kenya. Unfortunately for me, I was subjected to a lot of open racism while living in Russia. At times we would have to run away from my attackers so as to save my own life. I believe that socialization plays a big role in how people set their preferences. Many white supremacists in Russi...

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... work towards a more just world whereby unearned privilege is eliminated.
In conclusion, the implicit association test may be related to both Jensen’s and McIntosh’s positions in the sense that it is used as a tool to uncover the unconscious nature and tendency of biasness in the society that most people are not aware of. Both authors have taken the deliberative to uncover the unconscious phenomenon that controls and affects how people interact, make perceptions, assumptions and even decisions in life. Most of these biases that people tend to have against other races are shaped and reinforced by one’s surroundings and experiences. It is therefore important expose these biases so as to grow as a society and extinguish the white privileges. Unless America is ready to face the truth about the existing biases, racial tensions and incidences will continue to prevail.

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