Racial Prejudice Among A Long Period Of Time Essay

Racial Prejudice Among A Long Period Of Time Essay

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Racism has been introduced in America over a long period of time; moreover, since the beginning of the 18th century and it is still being executed today. Racism is a belief to make each race either feel superior or inferior to another. In Crash, racial prejudice is manifested throughout the film within many social groups. The film Crash demonstrates racial prejudice towards many ethic groups by displaying stereotypes, violence, and racial tensions.
Although Crash does manifests racial prejudice to numerous ethnic groups, many opposing views argue that it the film emphasizes racial prejudice to one cultural group. They dispute that Crash only targets on how racism is demonstrated from a white perspective ("Crash A Movie Really About Racism?"). Various scenes can support these opposing claims in the film such as when Officer John Ryan molests Christine Thayer while attempting to arrest her husband Cameron Thayer. As much as Cameron wanted to intervene he hesitates knowing that because he is African American he can be shot. This view supports why opposing views can suggest that Crash demonstrates "White Privilege". They can also refer to when Jean Cabot, a white woman, demanding for the locks to be changed after Daniel, the Hispanic carpenter, fixes them. She also refers to him as a “gang member with a shaved head and pants around his ankles” (Crash). In another scene, Farhad, an Iranian shop owner tries to buy a gun and speaks to his daughter in Persian and the white gun store owner gets irritated and calls him "Osama" (Crash). These opposing views suggest that Crash only demonstrates racial prejudice from only one racial group, which is from the white people. These oppositions can be easily refuted; in fact, these claims can also...

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...h, they started exchanging racial slurs at each other. Also in the scene where The racial tensions used in this film suggests how Haggis “is pushing the word ‘crash’ beyond the literal: he means any kind of rough contact between folks from different ethnic groups” (Denby 2005). This analyzes how Crash demonstrates racial tensions towards many ethnic groups.
In conclusion, Crash focuses on the racial prejudice that is targeted at all ethnic groups. The uses of racial tension, violence, and stereotypes in emphasize the representation of "the diverse approaches in the direction of ideas of racial discrimination, and injustice" (researchomatic). Many oppose that the film is based on white supremacy only, but there are many racial discrimination that involves many social groups. All of these racial tensions leads up to the major car crash that happens within two days.

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