Essay about Racial Inequality : Black And White

Essay about Racial Inequality : Black And White

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When I was a child, my view on segregation was very limited to what my parents saw. During that time, to my knowledge everyone was equal to everyone. The color black was a simply a skin color vs. racial inequality. However, as I became older my eyes slowly unraveled how crooked the world really is and or was at that time. As a white child, growing up in a suburban neighborhood within a very conservative household, I was an easy target to be a convict of being racial. Being that young and immature, I could not simply grasp the fact that African Americans were looked at as if they were the problem. The people that were within my friend consisted on the type of person you are, not the skin color. However, while my viewpoint of black and white mainly consisted of ‘everyone getting along” the world seems to disagree with me.
Meanwhile, while I was living in a fantasy bubble, thousands of African Americans were becoming the laughing stock, the funny joke, and even a suspect of a crime they did not commit. The world was developing a hate for the people whose skin color was different from their own. This must stop. America is not united; we must plant a seed in every citizen of the United States’ mind to value the life of a man regardless of their skin color. However, one hero stepped forward and bypassed all the laughs, and chose to take a step to end segregation. Little did he know that he would forever be the hero of every African American, and would spark the beginning of the end of racial segregation.
To most of our knowledge we know that today’s society has changed drastically since the 1960’s. During that time the racial tension between white and black was higher than any time before. Also, Civil Rights movements began to form. ...

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...ainst segregation and to be a leader in Martin Luther King’s footsteps, and to follow is American dream. In his speech he states, I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” Within this text lies Martins dream for all men to be equal. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the first African American men to stand up against segregation and the mistreatment of blacks. Despite the harsh judgments, trials and tribulations, and racial mistreatment he chose to be the individual to change the way America valued black lives. Today, racial inequality is still creeping through the cracks however, as an overall whole racial inequality has decreased. Martin Luther king will forever be the person remembered as the supporter and influencers of racial equality.

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