Racial Inequality And The American Society Essay

Racial Inequality And The American Society Essay

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Music, for generations, has been used to display the continuous atrocities occurring within our world; whether the musical composition be “We Are the World” or “Imagine” by the infamous John Lennon. These influential songs helped identify the sociological struggles the world was facing during those times of turmoil and strife. Currently the American society is dealing with various forms of racial tension amongst the communities of our diverse country. Society’s perception of race and the values we have tied to individual ethnic groups for a long time have been misconstrued in such a way that they have led to institutional racism and privilege. Discussing race and its role in society often times is a taboo subject for many individuals, but in 2014 an artist by the name of T.I. composed a song that brought to light the issues regarding race that no other individual in the music industry had the courage to do so.
Racial inequality comes about from the product of institutional privilege, that which promotes the success of white male and females over other racial counterparts (Brannon, “Race Lecture”). Over the past few years, America has been burdened with the growing prevalence of racial inequality within varying institutions such as the workplace, education, and our American lifestyles. “New National Anthem”, written by T.I., presents notions held about race in America in a lyrical but yet controversial manner. T.I. begins the song by affirming that his musical composition will not be held in high regard by members of the public, in which he states, “I know radio prolly ain 't gonna play this”. From the opening line T.I. establishes the controversial nature of talking about race in America but proceeds to address the larger issues ...

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... in the American community. Specific phrases and lines in his song attempt to educate the American public about the forms of injustice that are happening each and every day in communities around the country. This attempt at educating the public in large part is meant to alleviate the force of inequality in our society. T.I. centers his ideas of race around trying to correct the wrongdoings that he has experienced in his life so that the offspring of the African-American community will not have to undergo the same prejudice he toiled through. As a single body of work, society could learn a significant amount form the thoughts expressed in “New National Anthem”. As this song continues to be played and broadcasted among the households of the United States, its message could help to bring about exponential degrees of positive change to society’s view on race in America.

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