Racial Inequality And Opportunity For America

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Other students from the minority groups, and they also states the same opinion with Whites. They also think Whites has the most power in the society, but when they answer the inequality and opportunity, they do not feel it from school but from daily life. The two minority groups in my project are Latino, African Americans. There are four Latino out of the fifteen students. When Mark answers the question on inequality and opportunity in America, he states as following : In America inequality is a very common especially in my experience. I am a son of two former illegal Mexican immigrants and grew up belonging to the lower economic class. I have experienced inequality for a majority of my life and witnessed it in my hometown. The problem is that inequality limits one’s own opportunities because of the resources available to each individual. (Mark, 10 July 2015). Another three Latino also from lower to middle class, their views about inequality and opportunity similar to Mark’s, they think the inequality exist in the society, but they also believe there is opportunity opening to them to change their lives. When Latino answers the question on the best ethnicity groups in America, they all vote for Whites. Jennifer states that “there are studies that show that a name perceived as white looks better in a job application than those that don 't. The group largely in power are the Caucasians and it 's not surprising considering our country’s past of exploiting minorities for the benefit of the white man. Though things have progressed from that era there still is an underlying bias in many aspects of our society such as law, politics, and economics towards Caucasians over minorities” (Jennifer, 10 July 2015). The similar comments about ... ... middle of paper ... ...ce a high value on education, hard work, prestigious careers, and social standing. Since the society has the stereotype in their mind, the job position would hire an Asian than other minority groups. Therefore, Asian is a unique minority group, they consider themselves as the second behind Whites. In conclusion, this project gives me an new understanding about American majority and minority groups from they discuss the issue about inequality and opportunity on race and ethnicity. All of the college students have their expectations on closing the inequality gap, but not everyone think this gap could be closed, I did not discuss the not consistent answer in this paper. The most important thing that I learn from this project is that no matter how many years has past, people still think that Whites are the most powerful and the best ethnicity group in American society.
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