Racial Inequality : African American Indian War, Slavery, And The Home Of The Brave

Racial Inequality : African American Indian War, Slavery, And The Home Of The Brave

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One would not want to live a life if they knew their chances of reaching their goals were almost certainly downsized or marginalized by their race. Well, sadly this is the case for Blacks in America. Blacks are often found to be, at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in society. America is expected to be “The land of the free, and the home of the brave,” in addition to allowing all citizens equal opportunity. However, in a harsh reality it is not, but instead the land of the incapacitated, and home of the Whites. Looking back in time, America has always been a country of racial inequality that benefited Whites and demeaned any other race. Examples of racial inequality in our history consist of the American-Indian war, slavery, Jim Crow laws, and segregation. Thus the term “White Supremacy,” meaning Whites have dominance and are superior, came about. The feeling of White Supremacy is still felt in today’s society, and is one of many reasons why race still matters. Even though there are many theories of why race still matters, it is important to realize three major reasons why that is so. In short, race matters because of the increased likelihood of minorities experiencing: poverty, racial profiling and institutional racism.
If the American dream is true, why is it that Black 's seem incapable of achieving it? Growing up in a neighborhood that some may consider “The Ghetto” but to me is home, my family often found it hard to make ends meet. At the early age of 12 I had to obtain a job because my family 's living condition was terrible. As a kid all I could do was fantasize about when I would be able to escape “The Hood” and live out this so called American dream. Unfortunately, statistically there was little chance of...

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...er resources, fewer experienced, certified teachers”(Karaim). As a result particularly, African American’s labor is less valued.
In a land that was built off of benefiting Whites, and demeaning other races, race will always matter up until the day racial profiling is eliminated completely, minorities have less impoverished people than Whites, and qualification dictates one’s ability to move up into higher positions in the workforce. Although America is making small progress to racial equality, minorities will never truly be equal to Whites. This is due to the color line that still exist, and the system that still fails to realize/act on the biggest problem of our country,which is racial equality. America is the home of the Whites and land of the incapacitated, who will never receive a fair shake due to the “Home field” advantage. In 2015 race still matters.

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