Essay about Racial Identity And The End Of White America

Essay about Racial Identity And The End Of White America

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Racial identity and flexibility may be interpreted in a variety of ways, but first, it 's truly important to understand the meaning of both separated. Racial identity is defined as a sense of group or collective identity based on one 's perception that he or she shares a common heritage with a particular racial group. On the other hand, Racial identity can be considered as having flexibility, which can be defined as the ability to be easily modified. Racial identity and flexibility intertwine because both compliment each other. In Hua Hsu’s essay, “The End of White America?” he argues in support of racial identity and flexibility complementing one another. This proves that the further society evolves the closer mankind gets to eradicating the idea of a dominant race. Comparatively, James McBride illustrates Hsu’s argument that racial identity should be considered flexible when he chooses his identity in “The Boy in the Mirror.” However, sometimes flexibility contradicts identity which can be seen through the connections between Hsu and McBride on culture. Although the definition of racial identity can be considered black or white it should be considered flexible because the underlying reason for its existence is the unity that culture provides.
Nowadays, people no longer pay much attention to labels society gives to individuals. However, there are occasions where labels could hinder a person 's opportunity. In fact, culture is the newest label that society takes into account the most, and to a minority, the main goal is to embed the roots of the old generation into the next generation. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to be versatile today, as a matter of fact, often times white Americans find themselves complaining about the l...

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...f being able to choose one’s own identity. Both writers express the dangers of interracial marriages and the issues that arrive because of it. Throughout Hsu’s essay, he agrees with multiple sources and even agrees with Michael Lind in referring to interracial couples as “beige Americans’ who are “beiging America.” This is sheerly because of how unpredictable interracial couples are when it comes to racial identity. They have the opportunity to choose either side of the spectrum. In fact, Hsu quotes Lind who states, “it’s possible that ‘beige Americans’ will self-identify as ‘white’ in sufficient numbers to push the tipping point further into the future” (499). This piece of evidence identifies how white Americans and others can delay the demographic tipping point of the end of white America. The post-white generation means the unity of minorities through culture.

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