Racial Identity And Self Expression Essay

Racial Identity And Self Expression Essay

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Families, language, ancestry/birthright, and multicultural identity of self all connects to one’s heritage and identification process by giving the opportunity to self-expression. A writer who goes through the experience of self-expression and realization of identity is Emiene Shija Wright. Wright, the writer of “Say Something in African,” speaks about discrimination and prejudice but most importantly, her culture and how it helps shape her identity. With her writing, Wright exemplifies the way a culture is linked through some traditions and/or traits. She argues that being a part of more than one culture can prepare an individual for interactions that maybe either negative or positive in his/her life. Another writer who deals with identity and self-expression is Rasma Haidri. Haidri, the writer of “Urdu, My Love Song,” openly talks about the way certain things relates her to her culture and helps her identify herself. Haidri deals with conflict of self in regards to the way she identifies herself. She argues that culture and heritage is always undeniable a part of a human that can’t be avoided. Both Wright and Haidri, coming from different backgrounds, shares the quality of having language as the missing puzzle piece that connects them to family and ancestors as well as being multicultural human-beings having to adjust to the societies they live in. As they find the link each writer begin to understand the privilege of being multicultural which helps them become more of a unique individual. A multicultural identity incorporates the customs and traditions like language, families, and ancestors of two or more cultures into one which helps shape a person.
Ancestral history applies to the background of a human-being which eventually...

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... life surviving skills which help them identify themselves as multicultural.
An individual who is a part of more than one culture that includes languages, families/ancestors, and other customs/traditions is considered multicultural. Culture and heritage will always be a part of a human-beings life because it helps shape the man or women he/she grows up to become. Someone’s culture ties in to traditions and customs one must adapt to but doesn’t always come easily. Family, culture, and customs become key factors in a child’s life growing up because they have to learn how to adapt in new areas and societies. When an individual is fortunate enough to be of more than one culture they are at a greater advantage of adjusting to new likings. Multiculturalism is a great asset to a life of different types of humans because you will be able to adapt and adjust in a many ways.

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