Racial Equality And Equal Opportunity Essay

Racial Equality And Equal Opportunity Essay

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1. In this paper I will be addressing one barrier to racial equality/equal opportunity in education-underfunded schools in black/minority populated neighborhoods. I will address the issues surrounding this topic as well as the relevant historical context.
2. In order to properly portray my argument in showing that this barrier prevents equal opportunity I plan on using evidences from a variety of different sources such as news articles, studies, books, and my own personal observations after studying some of the conditions of our public schools here in the Bay Area. I also wish to speak with teachers working in underfunded schools and hear their perspectives about the conditions they and their students endure on a day to day basis.
3. The first effort to overcome this barrier in my opinion was the abolishment of slavery. The limitations/shortcomings of this include the following. Although slavery was abolished and more and more people of color were slowly being legally recognized as human beings and not property, in various parts of the nation they were still banned from pursuing what other Americans were pursuing-such as education. Furthermore if they weren’t banned from education they were intimidated via the constant threat of hate crimes toward them. I use the words “legally” when referring to when they were recognized as people because although the law declared them free, majority of white America still viewed them as property or second class citizens at best. Since slaves were prohibited to educate themselves during slavery, during the abolishment and reconstruction era, many former slaves started attending segregated schools.
4. The next effort to overcome this barrier was when African Americans were allowed to attend sch...

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... toward reconstructing some of these underfunded schools as well as creating more resources and opportunities for the children who attend these schools. This is a short term solution in my opinion because after a few fundraisers I think less and less people will start contributing. Typically when money is involved and going toward any cause I have witnessed people donating a certain amount as a one-time thing and feeling like they have done their part. So no matter how significant or insignificant their donations are, after a while, naturally they’ll stop donating. So, if majority of the funding for these public schools are coming in from donated money, we will have a very unstable and unreliable flow. Although it is a great way to get the community involved with the issues that we should all care about and face together-it isn’t going to be a long term solution to o

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