Racial Diversity: A Strategy Toward Success Essay

Racial Diversity: A Strategy Toward Success Essay

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Racial diversity is the idea of having people of different backgrounds working together for one common foundation. While some may believe that racial diversity is a way to discriminate people but I think that racial diversity helps us in many ways, some are observable and some are imperceptible. I think that racial diversity is a good strategy, it also is a great way to learn about people of diverse cultures and how their principles can operate within one another. The most commonly ignored or unnoticed aspect of preservation of natural resources and economic development is human racial or cultural diversity. Or to set it another fashion, people are usually ignored even though it is apparent that without human beings there could be no such phenomena as resource protection. However when the plans to preserve or develop natural resources are made, the starting point of such negotiations is rare, if ever, with the varied needs and objectives of all the cultural essentials that will be affected. Racial Diversity gives you more experience around kinds of people, letting people realize that there are different kinds of people in the world. A recent article stated that “New research from Tufts University indicates that diverse groups perform better than homogenous groups when it comes to decision making and that this is due largely to dramatic differences in the way whites behave in diverse groups--changes that occur even before group members begin to interact.” Another one stated “Increase the diversity of employees in your organization-for example, on the basis of race, gender, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation-and you'll automatically have a better company.” This makes perfect sense that different people will have different...

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...n an age when its former defender, topographical distance, is no longer effective in preserving the condition of geographic separation racial diversity requires for its sustained survival. A virtuous doctrine of racial fortification is necessitated to offer the diverse races with the protected habitats that the fallen impediments of distance can no longer furnish.

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