Essay about Racial Discrimination Of Minority Groups

Essay about Racial Discrimination Of Minority Groups

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According to the materials to which I have been exposed in this course, in my informed judgement, the views of these Millennials are very inaccurate. The society on which we live in today still produces discrimination towards minority groups. These groups include but are not limited to: African-Americans and women. Evidence of discrimination are exemplified via an article by authors Joe Feagin, Adriane Fugh-Berman, and Roxanna Harlow (McIntyre, 2015). These articles examine the discrimination that minority groups face in our society and offers an explanation (social factors) to how this millennial obtained misinformed views.
The statement “having a black president demonstrates that minorities have the same opportunities as white people” is an inaccurate view (McIntyre, 2015). This is an incorrect view because it is a reductionist fallacy. To elaborate, the millennial has concluded that because we have a black president, all minorities have the same opportunities as white people. This fallacy does not take into account the basis that black people or minorities are still discriminated against and have fewer opportunities than white people despite having a black president. The American society is not always obvious when acting in discriminatory behavior. In the article, “Racism,” Feagin explains that it is possible for white people to hold less consciously prejudice thoughts that stem from prior socialization (Feagin, 2015). Thus, racist attitudes can be conscious, half-conscious, or subconscious (Feagin, 2015). Examples of this half or subconscious racist attitude is found in employment settings. For example, Feagin highlights how a white person in authority may select another white person over an equally or better qualified black...

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... completely naïve of. One social factor responsible for this naïve observation is identity theory. Identity theory states “out conception of self is shaped in part by responses from others through interaction” (Harlow, 2015). For example, In reference to the article “Race doesn’t matter, but…,” Harlow “suggest that if behavior is often shaped by our desire to have our conception of self reinforced, then professors’ classroom performances are in part an effort to reinforce, through students, an identity as a good knowledgeable professor. Many black faculty members, however, reported that such an identity was not reinforced for them through students, in part because of broader cultural understandings of blackness as inferior” (Harlow, 2015). The social factor of identity can cause members of the majority group to act prejudicially towards members of the minority group.

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