Racial Discrimination Effect on Labor Market Essay

Racial Discrimination Effect on Labor Market Essay

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A number of factors such as age, gender, education level, and economic climate impact the rates of employment and average wages in the United States. Race and ethnicity are two additional characteristics, which –ostensibly – are not to be, considered in hiring and wage determination processes yet which continue to have tremendous effect on employment in this country. In an effort to better understand how these attributes contribute to the job climate, our term paper will examine the effects of ethnicity on wages and employment rates in the United States. The U.S. population is extremely diverse, including people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds such as Native Americans (mainly Whites), African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans (Latinos). This paper will focus on African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans and the effects of discriminatory racial practices in employment and wages as compared to the White population. The paper contains historical background on racial discrimination, a comparison of the wage differential between Whites and other non-White minority groups (African American, Asian American and Hispanic American in particular, and an examination of the racial discriminatory effects on the labor market.Racial discrimination has been a component of the history of the United States from its inception to modern day. There are many reasons cited for discrimination against people in the U.S, ethnicity and skin color are the predominate and prevalent factors. While there are a number of racial and ethnic sub-groups in the population, we focus on the larger three racial groups: Hispanic non-Whites, Asian-Americans, and African-Americans. Historical marginalization, excluding great numbers of...

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