Racial Discrimination During The Middle Of The Twentieth Century Essay

Racial Discrimination During The Middle Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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These wholesome family values, unfortunately, did not impress many of the Anglos in Texas. Calderon speaks at length of the racism that Mexicans experienced in Texas during the middle of the twentieth century

Calderon blatantly says that this type of discrimination was commonplace in Texas and admits that he was adversely affected by this treatment later on in his life, afraid that one day whist traveling “they going to say something to me about not serving us here and if they do what am I going to do?”
It was in the school systems of McLennan County, however, that we see most evidence of racial discrimination and prejudice. Aguilar speaks on his experience in the school system in great detail, citing the sense animosity and resentment the school staff had towards Mexicans (especially those in the advanced classes) and the humiliation he faced when studying the textbook portrayals of Mexicans as bandits and thugs (like Pancho Villa) who “had no roots in this country”. Indeed, he claims that Hispanics in general were taught to be unintelligent and as second-class citizens. Perha...

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