Racial Discrimination : A Target By Society

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Do you know how/what it feels like to be a target? A target by society and a target of the ones who is supposed to protect you. They are targeting you based on your race or your skin color. Hence, you have a lot of questions why they are always targeting you. “Why? Why am I a target? Why are they targeting me?” is the abiding question of young men of color today. We all know how huge an issue Racial Discrimination is in America, mainly back in the mid-20th century. The most prominent issue was the racism of African-Americans. Many people have said that society has changed, Racial Discrimination has been long gone and that issue was addressed. Although apparently it is still evident in the eyes of people who are still experiencing it. Racial Discrimination is still evident because the youth, particularly young men are aware that they are being targeted on a daily basis and this is highlighted from a short video by Just Us Project. Kiri Laurelle Davis, an African-American filmmaker, collaborated with Rootstrong a non-profit organization presented a short PSA video titled “Our Lives Matter” regarding young men of color voice out what they feel being a target. Davis created an interesting video concerning the brutality and extrajudicial killing, murders of young black men to the police in September of 2014. Davis gathered ages 3 to 17 African-American and Latino boys to courageously question and take a stand against racial targeting. These young boys are holding a target sign with a statement or an image of their inquisition. An empathetic music was also played in the first part of the video, this is to advocate viewers a feeling of compassion, showing them how these young men feel about being a target. Through the persuasion of creat... ... middle of paper ... ...ly persuade the viewers that if there is really Justice in our country or in our community or it’s just the “important” people that matters and has it? Hence, through a constructive and varied use of pathos, ethos and logos, Kiri Laurelle Davis creatively and strongly gave a Voice for the young men who experience, who suffer and died from Racial Discrimination from the police and the society. She successfully helped express and voice out how this issue affects the lives of the young men. Because this issue is ignored and put to the side, she informed people that this is happening to the young men and it must be stopped. From Davis’ informative video gives us realizations that there are people living with this situation. What if we were in their shoes? Picture yourself being them and imagine being a target. Now, do you know how/what it feels like to be a target?
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