Racial Caste And White Victims Essay

Racial Caste And White Victims Essay

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predominantly African Americans, or ex offenders are confronted with an array of sanctions. After a person is labeled a felon, the right to vote is revoked, as well as the duty to stand on a jury because of the crime(s) a person has committed. Employment opportunities and social programs that facilitate effective reentry are not made available to those returning home after serving their time for the crimes they have committed. The assortment of outlawed freedoms varies from housing restrictions to a lifetime ban on public assistance. By the government encouraging these massive exclusions, it has crippled ex offenders to the point where they have no other resort, which ultimately leads to recidivism. This process results in the recycling of offenders. Sadly, the stigmatization of African Americans as criminals has become the result of this system.
One of the most profound connections that Michelle Alexander formulates is the in regard to the racial caste and white victims. In doing so, Alexander points out an imperative difference between the new Jim Crow and the old Jim Crow, which is the fact that poor white Americans have fallen victim to the exact same mistreatment that blacks always been victims of. Both, the racial caste system and Jim Crow laws have continuously adapted to the specific society in which it was being utilized. Our current society considered the age of colorblindness. In a sense, poor white Americans are being used as pawns so that America can appear as a it’s fair and unbiased society. With that being said, African American has remained the main targets on the Drug War. Poor white victims are merely collateral damage.
In order for prisons to reduce their populations, data shows that the prison system would...

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...t agony and suffering, all at the hand of our American justice system. Although Alexander, for the most part, is speaking on the African American struggle, she also mentions the struggle of poor white American victims as well. Our American Experience class is simply about the experiences of Americans and different cultural societies. Michelle Alexander reveals the harsh realities of American society. The oppressiveness of blacks, stereotyping, imprisonment, a disproportionate justice system, the war on drugs, infinite sentences, Jim Crow laws, inferiority, racial caste systems, manipulated laws, these are all societal issues that have been reoccurring for centuries within American society. All in all The New Jim Crow was, is and will be the American Experience for many more African Americans (male and females) if this issue is not tackled efficiently.

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