Essay on Racial Bias And The Civil Right Movement

Essay on Racial Bias And The Civil Right Movement

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Equality is an important topic to focus on, especially when it was brought up many times during the civil right movement back then. On the other hand, many generations have passed and the generation today has become a little more understanding towards each other. However, is America considered post-racial because we elected a black president? Despite the many events that take place like the death of an African American boy that caused an uproar in many minority cities and the black lives matter movement. Some may argue that there is nothing wrong in our society, people are just “overreacting.”
Trayvon Martin an African American boy was shot by a police officer. However, many people pointed out the color of his skin more than his actions. Illustrated in the North Carolina Law Review, Vol. 91, “The effects of implicit racial bias are particularly likely to operate under the radar screen in a society like ours that view itself as post-racial.” With this in mind, the investigator examine more closely the events that took place leading to his death. Despite the many conspiracies upon the officer choice of action, many may argue that he did nothing wrong. While others strongly disagree and protest about his decision being profundity wrong.
    In other words, the results of improving our society was hardly a shadow forecasting upon us. To put it differently, The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) had become a trendy hashtag on social media after the death Trayvon Martin. However, this hashtag was “..nationally recognized for its street demonstrations...” after two more African Americans were killed. For this reason, someone may argue “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter,” which was created to support the police. To demonstrate, “What...

... middle of paper ... comes to social media or news on racism. Jean Elliott an educator, supports that theory with her experiment: Brown Eyes vs. Blue Eyes. However, recently she was on the news talking about race and stated, “[...]there is no gene for racism there’s no gene for’re not born a bigot, you have to learn to be a bigot. Anything you learned you can unlearn...It’s time to unlearn are bigotry…” With this in mind, the pigment of someone 's skin, ethnicity etc. is often perceived and pointed out in our society when trying to describe a person.
Despite, the death of an African American boy and the aftermath it had on many minority cities, as well as The Black Lives Matter movement. Generally speaking, the “precipitation” one has on a situation can either define them as being “racist.” In conclusion, has America become post-racial after electing a black president?

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