Racial And Socioeconomic Inequality : The Haves And The Havenots Essay

Racial And Socioeconomic Inequality : The Haves And The Havenots Essay

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America is unequal. Every day we are faced with racial, gender, religious, and economic inequalities that create divisions within these United States. Inequality is a multifaceted beast that would require a number of programs and planning to overcome. There are those who thrive and have opportunity to be successful and there are those who can only dream of opportunity and success; the haves and the havenots. When looking at contemporary America, racial and socioeconomic inequalities are most prominent. Though two different facets of inequality, the two tend to correlate more often than not. Whites and blacks, along with other minorities, are not treated the same. Despite the fact that laws were put into place to promote equality in America, it is challenging to stray away from the foundation from which America was constructed.
Dating back hundreds of years ago, slavery was legal. Whites profited off of the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears of African Americans, who were treated no better than animals. Slavery enabled the idea of white supremacy to flourish and later become engrained in the American culture and society. During this time, whites held all of the country’s power, money, and ability to be successful. Unfortunately, the abolition of slavery did not stop whites from mistreating blacks, leaving the road ahead for blacks nothing short of a struggle.
In a country that prides itself off of equality and freedom, living in America affords a diverse experience depending on one’s racial background. Segregation’s main goal was to create an environment that was “separate but equal”. Blacks and whites were definitely separate, but their lives were not equal. Blacks were forced to attend worse public schools, sit at the back of pu...

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...gh these differences make us unique, the system is designed to make life easier for a certain type of American. The lower-class boy who attended public school all of his life is not going to receive the same education nor be given the same opportunities as the upper class girl who attended private school since kindergarten. The Muslim girl who wears a hijab in alignment with the Quran will fall prey to social stigmas around our country’s views of Islam. The black boy who walks down the street with his pants sagging will be seen as a thug, regardless of the fact that he maintains a 4.0 GPA. Whether or not we want to admit it, we all carry preconceived notions about who we think people are and what we believe they are capable of. These notions leave room for inequality to emerge and create an apparent division between those who will benefit and those who will struggle.

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