Racial And Gender Differences Of Toy Stores Essays

Racial And Gender Differences Of Toy Stores Essays

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Racism in Toyland is an article that disscusses the issues of racial and gender differences in toy stores. Even though there is supposed to be no more segrigation you can still see some today in stores and in other places. You can also still see some discrimination between genders by looking at what jobs that men and women have. In the article, Racism in Toyland Christine L. Williams sees that there is not only racism but also genderism in not only what jobs people have but also how customers and employees treat each other.
In the article, she talks about three different toy stores named The Toy Warehouse, Diamond Toys, and Tomatoes. The Toy Wearhouse is a like a superstore that has low cost popular toys, similar to Walmart or Target. Diamond Toys is a high-end chain store with a limited range of high-quality toys, similar to Legoland stores. Tomatoes is a locally owned shop that sells relatively small off beat assortment of traditional and politically correct toys which represents your mom and pop shops. In order to get data that was real and accurate with out the other workers knowing she applied to work at all three stores with out telling them thay she was observing them and got aceppted to all but tomatoes. For Tomatos she then isnstead decided to walk through as if she was shopping and observe them. Through out her time observing she made some startling discoveries that many people who have not worked in retail would ever think would actually happen in real life.
In Tomatoes, she saw that there were not only differences in the jobs that men and women had but she also saw an age difference in some positions. She saw that the owner was a white man in his 40’s and the manager was a white man as well. In addition, she saw th...

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...hat your race or gender you should not have to deal with some one spitting on you. In addition, I believe that women and men should not have “assigned” roles in the stores so that the men are the upper management and the women are the cashiers. Women can be just as good as men can be at managing and men can be just as good as women can be at cashier. Next, this issue of segirgation in stores to where they do not have a bus stop near them because they do not want “underirable” people coming in to their store and shopping. I feel that people should ba able to shop anywhere and everywhere with out people judging them and say that they should not be in that store. The article I feel is just a stepping-stone for people to finally see that we are all the same and there is no need for segrigation in any place based on race, gender or any other characteristc of that person.

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