Race to the Classroom

Race to the Classroom

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I think there are ummm.... 5 of them. As I said they are all good looking guys. They run so fast. But I didn't notice that there is a guy next to me which is running also. And suddenly...

"Ouch!" that are the only word I can supply. There is a guy who hit me. One of those guys who are running. UGGHH! Great just great! What a first day to start by being lame. -.-" He stop running after he hit me. He comes closer to me. To apologize.

"Oh. Sorry. I didn't meant it." he apologize sincerly we'll I can see it on his beautiful blue eyes. Oh it is so tantalizing. Oh. Wait! What am I sayin? Hahaha.

"Oh. That's alright." I smiled to him as a sign that I am not mad and as a sign that I am alright.

"Are you sure? I can take you to the clinic if your not alright."

"No need I am alright."

"Hey John, Lets go?" His friend called his attetion. Oh. So his name is John huh?

"Yeah. Let's go!" then he turn to me. "Bye! I gotta go. See you around." then he smiled at me. His smile is such a beautiful smile. Oh. I am melting with his smile. x)

John. Woah. What a great name. John. What a such a lovely eyes. What a such great smile. What a such beautiful face he have. Oh yeah. He's so attractive. Hey what am I thinking of? I turn my head at the room number. Oh. It is room 205. So I get inside, then I look around but there is someone who catch my eye. Do you know who is it? It's John. The guy whom I met earlier. Ehmeged... x') His my classmate. :')

I seat on the 2nd row in the 3rd column. While John is seating at the 3rd row in the 2nd column. I really wish he'll notice me. I really do hope so.

"Miss! Miss!" He said. Ummmm... Whom is he talking to?

"Miss! Hey!" I didn't turn to him cause I know he is not talking to me.

*Poke. Poke.*

Then I turn to see who is poking me.

"Finally." he said.

"Oh. Hey! Are you calling me?"

"Yes. And I seem you didn't care or I guess you didn't notice me."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Nah. That's alright." he said with a smile.

"Ummm... By the way I am John."

"Hi. I am Cristina."

"You've got a pretty name huh."


"Your Welcome.

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And your pretty too like your name."

I think. I just blush. :')

"I guess there is no one sitting besid you. Mind if I seat next to you?" he asked.

"Oh. Nah I don't mind. Sure."

*The bell rang*

Ahhh.... Lunch break! Yey! \(^.^)/ I grab my lunchbox but John grabs my hand. So my lunch box fell on the ground.

"Hey! What are you going to do?"

"Let's go to the cafteria."

"No. I won't be going to the cafeteria. Mom preapared my lunch."

"Oh. Eat that later. I'll be treating you."


"Yes, of course what are friends for. Right?!"

"What?! Friends? I didn't remember that were already friends."

"Yup. We are friends already. Wether you like it or not."

"Okay." I said in a low cold voice.

Well I think his cute, nice and funny.

~At the cafeteria~

We are sitting at a table near on the door. There are so many people on the cafeteria mostly are eating of course and some are just chatting around having fun.

"So Cristina. What do you want for lunch?"


"Okay. I'll be back in a minute. Okay just stay here."

When he came back he is holding a tray wherein there is 2 plate of spaghetti balony.

"Wow. Spaaaaggggggghhhheeettttttiiiiiii..." I said with a jolly voice. \(^.^)/ Like I am a kid. x) He laughs with my reaction.

"Oh. Is it your first time to eat Spaaaaggggggghhhheeettttttiiiiiii...?" He copied my same pronounciation and feelings when I told the word spaghetti like he is annoying me.

"No it isn't. I just freaking love spaghetti."

"Oh. You love Spaaaaggggggghhhheeettttttiiiiiii... too."

So we start eating and while we are eating we are talking to each other.

After we ate he check his clock.

"We need to go back to the classroom quickly it's almost time." He said.

"Oh. Yeah let's go to the classroom fast."

Cause we are in a hurry we run to classroom and it turn out be a race. :) Our race was so fun. It's a bit tiring but it's alright to me. But the there's a teacher who saw as running she is Ms. Gomez our teacher in Mathematics.

"Hey Ms.De Vera and Mr. Pineda stop running."

We stopped the race and walk through the classroom but still fast of course cause we are in a hurry.

And the another half of the class was fun we have activities to know each other more.

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