Essay on Race Relations : The United States Are Shaky At Best

Essay on Race Relations : The United States Are Shaky At Best

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Race relations in the United States are shaky at best. Part of the population would have you believe that racism is done and we have nothing left to work, however we do still have many problems that need to be addressed, even if some refuse to acknowledge that. By first looking at the definition and implications of race and race relations, diving into the history of race relations through today, different theories of racism, and self esteem differences between black and white adolescent females it is clear to see that race relations still needs to improve greatly before everyone in the United States can consider themselves equal.
Munshi begins by helping to define race, which comes from drawing on a wide range of scholars, “neither an event nor a specific series of events… (it) is a process of structured events which over time demonstrate a system whereby groups and individuals are racialized,” (Munshi, 350). In simpler terms, race is a social construct that has nothing to do with biology. Munshi is saying that the way in which people come to identify with a certain race stems from events over time in his or her lifetime.
Going by Munshi’s definition, three conclusions can be made about race and how it relates to public relations. First of all, race must be studied from a socio-historical perspective. If race comes from a series of events, then looking at race relations in a single, time-bound context does not make any sense, (Munshi, 351). The events of today only make sense if one takes into consideration the past events that led us here. Second, trying to measure race as a variable associated with individuals means a lack of acknowledgement of the differences between groups across a society, (Munshi, 351). In other words, an ...

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...g everyone that all people are now equal. The type of racism in the United States shifted from very overt to a more subtle, internalized racism that wasn’t to be discussed. Many theorist purpose why and how racism exists in the United States today.
When it comes to theories of racism and prejudice, there are three categories: sociological, psychodynamic, and cognitive. Sociological theories suggest that stereotypes are provided to us by our culture and social conditions, such as, the economy, politics, social movements, and the media. Psychodynamic theories suggest that people’s personalities lead to stereotypes. This is the idea that in order to make oneself feel good or better, that person must make someone else feel bad. Cognitive theories tell us that people process information about the world in categories and categories lead to stereotypes (Esqueda, slide 4).

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