Race Relations : Black And The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses Essay

Race Relations : Black And The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses Essay

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Today race relations are a huge topic and issue in our country. With social media comes faster ways to spread videos or information showing poor race relations such as racism and discrimination. This issue has led to not only violence but also deaths in our country. Even though we all can see the problems it causes for everyone, discrimination continues to grow stronger and stronger. In “Train to Rhodesia” and “The prisoner who wore glasses” poor race relations are shown between white and blacks, the most common example of poor race relations. Stereotypes, Assumptions, and a feeling of being superior to another race are the root of not only the problems in these two stories, but also in the world today, especially here in the U.S. between white police officers and black civilians.
Everyday when you turn on the news you will see some kind of report on an act of violence in our country. Almost all of the time it involves a “viral” video in which a black and a white man, most often a white police officer and black male get into an altercation. Many times the police officer judges the black man as doing something wrong just for his color, or he uses excessive force to arrest him. In the end however they all involve a white man treating a black man with prejudice and racism. The black man is not treated fairly or with true justice, but rather as a second class citizen is “below” the white man. This happens all over the country and has lately become a huge media topic with large amounts of public outcry for; most of the time supporting the black men and not the white men.
As we see today with our police treating blacks as less important we can also see in the story “The prisoner who wore glasses”. Warder Hannetjie treats Span one, espe...

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...e decided to play on his desperation and get it for next to nothing at the last second. The less fortunate should never be treated as unequal to anyone but treated with care and respect. Many times whites think blacks and Hispanics are poor, lazy, and wasteful. Whites treat them as an adult treats children, with little equality. Most of the time there is no real evidence of the black or Hispanic actually being poor or wasteful but rather the white has been told his entire life how that is always the case. Blacks and Hispanics often have trouble obtaining well paying or stable jobs due to in a large part other 's prejudices against them. All in all I believe that race relations are very bad in our country right now and we desperately need this to change. No one should be judged on the color or where they come from, everyone deserves equal treatment for equal behavior.

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