Race, Racial, And Political Creation Essay

Race, Racial, And Political Creation Essay

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When it comes to “Race” society automatically think of skin color, eyes shape, and accents. It isn’t an easy topic to talk about but it should be something delicate to mention but when one doesn’t know any better we can easily fall victim of “racism”. These racial ideas of categorizing someone because of their skin color are what has caused a division between communities. Race is not a biological fact but a social construct of ideas that people in different parts of the world have come up based on what they see.
Race is a social, cultural, and political creation, a product of human invention which itself has evolved in definition (Armelagos, Carlson, & Van Gerven, !982; Marks 1995; Miles, 1982). This idea that race exist is only because of the difference that people saw in each other and wasn’t until the eighteenth century when the word was more commonly used to support the fact that a group of people were different from the rest. One obvious group that has been separate from the rest in history would be the people of color or black people. They were thought to be lower in society because their skin was darker. Used as slaves, Africans were a populations that could not reach those of the lighter skin color. Anywhere in the world, black people have been known to be in their own category but to be fair “Not all dark-skinned people are African, even in their ancestry” (Wycoff). There are many places in the world where non-African people have dark skin like in India. Again black people are separate from the rest because of what the majority sees physically. How light does one have to be in order to be called white and how dark does one have to be to be considered black? I feel that when someone has a certain feature or a certain sk...

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...ay that race is a validated argument to use against people only because they look different should be a ridicules argument because biologically speaking a person of white skin is able to donate an organ to a person of color and save their life.
I feel that a lot of the ideas that we have about race are false because we have not learned to understand that every human came from one place and that our geographical locations have made us different in one way or another. Every group of populations have their own identity and their own culture that defines who they are but color or body features don’t make us any different in a biological standpoint. Race is only a constructive thought that was put into existence to determine what each and one of us are but when it comes to saving our own life is when we fight to seek anyone’s help whether they are black, white or brown.

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