Race Issues Among American And White Americans Essay

Race Issues Among American And White Americans Essay

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The topic I chose to write on is race issues in the world. In the present time, the biggest race issues are between African American and white Americans. Some of the topics that follow race issues are the statistic views, independent views, and what can we do to improve it. Though we as a nation may have improved, we still have a lot to learn still.
Common stereotypes of African American are that they all can run and sing, that they abuse the welfare system, they’re all lazy, and their brains are smaller. As usual these stereotypes are completely exaggerated. Not all African Americans can sing and dance, I know a large sum of African Americans that have two left feet and vocals of an injured animal. When it comes to welfare white Americans use food stamps more than any other race standing at 40%. While African American stand at 25%, a drastic difference in numbers. Where are white Americans have the stereotype that white people control everything, white Americans can dance or play sports, and all white Americans are races. White Americans may be placed in some high seats in the system that runs this country but they aren’t alone. There are some African Americans that seat in those seats as well. A famous basketball player called Larry Bird is proof that white Americans can play sports and there are celebrities such as Justin Timberlake that have some of the best dance moves this world has seen. Not all white Americans are races, I know many white Americans that would stand and undoubtedly for the rights of African Americans. Along with these stereotypes there are many independent views to the race outcome.
In my opinion I have hope in the white American community and the African American community to become closer and greater to...

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... Which is definitely not something we will just get over. Also the issues that occurred in slavery time is what made what we have now possible. Our past has made our present and to just simply “get over it” is like say all the history behind it all doesn’t matter. I feel that instead of fearing the topic and running from it we should embrace it and learn what we can about it and use that to create that bridge for the gap between races.
In conclusion, this topic is a heavily disputed and often debated and between the debate it is often that that stereotypes are the 1st to be stated, independent views, and possible steps to bridging the gap between races. As I stated earlier most of those stereotypes are not true. That though we have come a far way we still have some ways to go but the best way to end this dispute is to start accepting each other no matter the race.

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