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Race, Gender, And Sexuality Essay example

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A Better Understanding: Race, Gender, and Sexuality
1. Reflecting directly on the cultural attitudes and sociocultural messages explained throughout this course, it is clear that race, gender, and sexuality are all socially constructed in one way or another. Contrary to popular belief, race is actually almost completely socially constructed, it is not biological. Further, a human’s DNA does not differentiate at all to create any specific race. However, society has categorized certain things, such as skin color, to determine the race of individuals. In simpler terms, there are not specific genes that parents pass on to their offspring that determine their race; society categorizes people into specific races when they are born based on their skin color. For example, a person who may be referred to as “black” in the United States may be considered “colored” in other countries. Race is socially constructed based on sociocultural conditions. Alongside race, gender is also socially constructed. Throughout society, it is a common misconception that sex and gender are merely identical, but this is not the case whatsoever. In reality, gender is not based on one’s genetic make-up or their reproductive organs. Expanding on this, an individual does not have any control over their assigned gender, but everyone has a gender identity, which is one’s internal sense of being male or female. From a sociocultural perspective, gender roles have the greatest influence on gender as a social construction. Gender roles are the attitudes, behaviors, rights, and responsibilities that particular cultural groups associate with each sex. In regards to gender, the social construction theory acknowledges the connection the topic has with power and meaning, and ...

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...fluences people as much as they allow it to.
5. When trying to interpret research on topics such as race, gender, and sexuality, it is important to note that many methodical issues exist among popular researchers and their techniques. Because it is so difficult to conduct true research on these topics, many researchers will often make their studies seem more successful than they truly are by manipulating the results that they publish. This being a common issue, many studies are unreliable. Another fault in the research is the fact that sampling is used, so a true result from a large group is often difficult to obtain. All in all, there are many limiting factors in place when it comes to researching race, gender and sexuality. When conducting research, it is important to keep the effects of these restraints to a minimum to ensure the most accurate results possible.

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