Race & Culture: When Stereotyping to Prejudice to Discrimination Essay

Race & Culture: When Stereotyping to Prejudice to Discrimination Essay

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The Holocaust was a big event in history. The Nazis pursued to destroy the Jewish communities of European through government ordered mass annihilation. Millions of Jews were killed and about two-thirds of the Jews of Europe was wiped out. The war was linked to World War II but the war was not the cause of the genocide of the Jewish community. This outrage of violence was rooted in prejudice, based on fear and ignorance. Jewish communities were targeted because their racial and cultural differences. This created negative attitudes and behaviors towards them, which resulted in discrimination. Today, stereotyping, prejudice views, and discrimination still prevail. It is something everyone at sometime has experienced.
I experienced stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination due to race and culture throughout myself. Being a black woman has resulted in me being placed in certain categories that do not necessary applies to me. When I was a freshman, I had a conversation with another student, who happened to be Caucasian, about our hometowns. I told her that I lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She immediately asked if I lived in one of the housing complexes or as some people call them “the projects.” I asked her why would she assume that I lived in a housing complex and if it was because I was Black. She shamefully apologized and admitted that she thought I lived in the projects because most of her Black friends from Bridgeport told her they were from the projects. Her assumption was wrong. I live in a middle class neighborhood. My mother owns her own house and we are located far from any of the Bridgeport housing complexes. She also told me how the people from these project areas that she interacted with were usually very “ghetto” ...

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