Race, Class And Gender Inequality Essay

Race, Class And Gender Inequality Essay

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Currently in society, social divisions feature a lot on the prospects of people within each society. According to the Andersen and Collins: “Race, class and gender still matter because they continue to structure society in ways that value some lives more than others”. Sadly this is so very true. Inequality can be experienced in various ways and sadly gender inequality is one of them. “Making men and women different from one another is the essence of gender. It is also the basis of men’s power and domination” (Andersen, 2015, p. 171).
In the video, Flat Broke with Children, Sharon Hays speaks about welfare reform. She talks about how it has affected the lives of many women. When welfare was originally initiated, it was to help widows as they were viewed as poor since the breadwinner was no longer able to provide. The state stepped in as the husband providing for the mother and children, this allowed women to stay home and raise her children, as a "mother" should. Later reform legislation, pushed mothers out of their homes in demeaning jobs, instead of allowing them to stay home and care for their children. So at the same time they are calling for a return of traditional family values which involves women staying home, they enact legislation that did the complete opposite.
Her video is over 10 years old and sadly not much has changed in our society, if anything they have gotten worse. In her video Hays explains some of the changes in welfare reform like the fact that time limits had been placed on the amount of time a woman could receive benefits. Sadly, welfare centers don’t offer any real solutions to getting off the system, they simply provide a band aid that barely covers a wound. Sadly, due to certain budget cuts welfare no ...

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... and housing. They were exposed to hate crimes and they were denied their basic civil rights. Soon after the cold war, gay men and women suffered what was called the "Lavender Scare.” This consisted of the systematic persecution of the gay government employees. They were fired from their jobs simply because of who were. The justification for this atrocity was that their homosexuality would leave them open to blackmail from communist spies. The women who weren’t married tried to stay away from “gender norms” because they were afraid of being accused of being lesbians. The LGBT community suffered through the oppression and discrimination and sadly even physical assaults against them. The civil rights movement was clearly an inspiration for the community. Over the years much has been done to as far as working together in order to fight oppression and discrimination.

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