The Race At The County Race And Equity Report, African American Students

The Race At The County Race And Equity Report, African American Students

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According to the Dane County Race to Equity Report , African American students in third grade were 4.5 times more likely to not meet reading proficiency standards when compared to their White counterparts. In order for students to be able to learn individually, they must have the ability to read and interpret that information. By not being proficient in reading, acquiring information and using it will be a challenge. Typically, students should be reading proficiently by the end of third grade as reading will be used to learn beyond it.
In 2011, the Race to Equity Report identified that in Wisconsin, 42.1% of Black children were not proficient in reading in comparison to the White children at 14.3% of children not reading proficiently. Though there was more Black children not proficient in reading, compared to white students, they were underrepresented in the school system. Specifically in Dane County, 231 out of 480 Black children weren’t reading proficiently compared to the 325 out 2975 White students. This gap continues to increase as the percentages of students not proficient in reading continues to increase rapidly.
This important skill is a big factor to determining whether a student will make it through high school and graduate with a diploma. In developing years, without proficiency in reading, a student may not be able to acquire, learn, and interpret the materials to better understand it. Students living below the poverty rate have test scores of: reading (147.4/212), math (123.0/174), and science (70.1/111) whereas their classmates at or above the poverty rate had scores of: reading (173.1/212), math (144.6/174), and science (86.8/111) (Mulligan, Halle, Kinukawa, 2012; p. 2)
With that information in mind, students with...

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...’t have access to educational objects, such as books, to help keep their brains on track of learning continuously. Not only so, but young adults may prefer to help out with the family, or to help themselves, by entering the workforce. At this rate, the main concern wouldn’t be education, it would be how to live until the next day. Not only is this affecting their education, but affecting these student’s livelihood. In total, the problem of racial inequality and inequity here in the Dane County educational system is incredibly convoluted and complex. There are an endless number of steps and measures that need to be taken when attempting to solve these issues. In all, once things are spelled out completely it is easy to recognize and understand the problem. However, completely tackling our issues will require years of raising awareness, making plans, and taking action.

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