The Race And Socioeconomic Status Essay

The Race And Socioeconomic Status Essay

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As metropolitan areas across the America have grown overtime, it has become the home of very diverse social and ethnic groups. However, when analyzing the communities that make up these metropolitan areas, most remain consistently homogeneous, particularly on the basis of race and socioeconomic status. The combinations of many of these segregated communities have created metropolitan areas that are socially, economically and politically fragmented. As a result, rather than metropolitan areas working together for the wellbeing of nuclear cities, select suburbs have flourished while main cities have become less prosperous. Cities such as Detroit, that in many respects exemplified the American dream, suffered extreme consequences due to fragmentation. In an effort to recover and, specific strategies must be used to combat fragmentation. By working with other local governments and in some instances state government to create resolutions that benefits nuclear cities and metropolitan area; the social, economic and political cohesion of municipalities will increase the wellbeing of metropolitan areas across the nation.
Fragmentation and furthermore the separation of cities was accentuated due to suburbanization, but to a lesser degree had already began to transpire in cities. In the early nineteenth century, when dividuals wanted to live with individuals of similar ethnicities or social class, they simply moved to the same parts of the city. Even though there was division, they were restricted due to the physical limits of the city as well as their need for the resources that the city provided. For example, the infrastructure needed to send resources like water, and efficient systems of transportation had not yet been created, which the...

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...icans in the city segregated themselves based on class and income as well. As white homeowners began to move out of Detroit, the African American population expanded across the city. Middle-class African Americans moved into neighborhoods once all-white, and although to a much lesser degree, this particular socioeconomic class of African Americans was as protective of their investments as the former white residents had been. This class of African Americans was concerned with disproving stereotypes about African Americans and their inability to maintain their homes and neighborhoods. With this attitude, middle-class African Americans began to protest low-income housing, apartment buildings, or multi-unit tenements being constructed in their neighborhoods just as it had been going on in other suburbs around the United States. Eventually, however, many low-income African

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