Race and Prejudice toward the Culture of Poverty Essay

Race and Prejudice toward the Culture of Poverty Essay

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Race and prejudice toward the culture of poverty was manifest during the civil rights movement and even in the American society today.. This paper will rely on examples, borrowing from past examples in trying to explain the culture of poverty, and how it can create prejudice among citizens in society due to their level of income or low-caste groups, which are considered poor within our societies. This paper will highlight a couple of examples to support its arguments.
Culture of povertys
The culture of poverty suggests that the poor people have bad hygiene, have diseases, lack education and can only be able to work hard manual labor, and this has been the prejudice associated with poverty-stricken people. People with a culture of poverty have no sense of history. They are people who hold strong feelings of helplessness, not belonging and marginality. The culture of poverty states that poor people are unmotivated and have poor work ethics. It also states that poor parents are uninvolved in their child's learning process because they do not value education, and this creates the cycle of poverty. In that, the children will lack the necessary skills to succeed in society. The culture of poverty also states that poor people are linguistically deficient and they tend to abuse drugs and alcohol, (Phillipe 2001).
Prejudice is a biased thinking, it refers to thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings that someone holds about a group of people. Prejudice is a prejudgment that is not based from actual experience. Racism is a type of prejudice that is used to justify that one race is superior to other races. There are three levels of prejudice that exist, cognitive, emotional and action orientation. Cognitive level of...

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...med people including women, the elderly and even the children. in Vietnamese village of My Lai because they were probably aiding the Vietcog, hence their actions were justified, (Parrillo, 2011).
The culture of poverty resonates from the social theory that elaborates on the cycle of poverty. This theory suggests that the poor do not lack resources but have acquired a poverty- value system. The marginalization of the poor due to their social status of an individual, has created a society that is a society based on the income or wealth they become class conscious. From the paper, it becomes apparent that the culture of poverty creates a prejudice attitude towards a group of people, as it encourages them to think that people are poor or rich because it is what they want. This paper has used examples of different times in history, to support its arguments.

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