Essay about Race And Gender Decide Everything

Essay about Race And Gender Decide Everything

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This always happened in the 19th century.. Race and gender decide everything. In that time if born in the black family than you will be the labor. Because your parents are labor, although have money to buy for free. But almost people didn’t have money to buy for free. So become a cycle the labor child still be a labor. They cannot change it. The other the treatment of the Indians also the big topic of that time. They pass the law to let them move to the west. No matter they do be right or wrong, is a really big topic in that time. They are many contentious issue about the race. Also about the gender, people are more sympathetic based on gender. Because they are women. There is what people answer that time, although there are many reasons but not just base on gender. But usually is for the gander. So in here I choose the gender problem as my topic.
In the early America history, the gander is the big issue, sometime cannot do something, because just you are women.
In Geriguis atrial she told the problem of the widows in colonial Massachusetts. During that time. Colonial Women Life in early Colonial America was extremely hard. As time passed the lives of Colonial women took the traditional roles of women which related to running the house or farm and raising the children. The work undertaken within these roles was dependent on wealth and status. The men dominated the lives of Colonial women. The tasks of Colonial Women they do many thing like cooking, housework, emptying chamber pots...etc. they have many job to do, but they don’t have the too many right like did not have the right to vote, women did not have the right to hold and form of public office and women did not have the right to serve on juries. In the law, they didn’t ha...

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...of a sexual imagination. While sexual pleasure was important in marriage, women 's role was to be chosen, not to choose a mate. Marriage involved obedience, but women
Could achieve moral authority as wives and as mothers through their advocacy of the moral system.( Rosenzweig) The moral standards are really important, actually in that time, the moral standards are more effective than the law,
Women were long thought naturally weaker than men, unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual development. In postindustrial societies, like, domestic chores were relegated to women, leaving "heavier" labor to men. We also think the women are less educated than the man, the women just have the basic education, so cannot compare to men have higher education. Moral standards and religion also are hidden reasons. As all results we more sympathetic based on gender.

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